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STEARMAN Complete Enclosure - SALE !!!

On December 1 I had this ad for ALL the Cockpit Enclosure components here a few months ago and thought that

 I had sold everything to someone who sent me 2 checks - one for the components & 1 for the shipper. Well, it turned out to be a

scam for getting into my bank account. Enough said on that. What I have are all the metal components made

by Piper Aircraft, jigs for making new wood frames, several of the old frames for duplication, 4 boxes of

new winter fronts for the W670 Continental engine, several new extruded rails for the sliders,

A source for new front & rear bubbles and the plexi side panels,lot's of screws, nuts, etc, for assembly in stainless.

If you wish to see pictures of what I have contact me.

$25K for all...

Click here to view pictures of the Canopys, parts, etc...

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