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STEARMAN Complete Enclosure - Fly YOUR Plane All Year Long!

NOW is the time to order the complete assembly!

Canopy cover  Canopy cover

Canopy cover  Canopy cover

Canopy cover  Canopy cover

Navy N2S Enclosure plate

Baggage Doors  Baggage Doors

The above two pictures of baggage doors are from the Boeing drawings. The canvas unsnaps and this gains access into the baggage compartment.

Baggage Doors - Clam Shell Style  Baggage Doors- Clam Shell Style

Baggage Doors - Clam Shell Style

As an alternative, the next 3 pictures show the baggage doors that open like a clam shell to gain access into the baggage compartment. There are 3 Dzus fasteners that secure the two panels together that will be installed soon.

You can purchase this as a complete set of the front bubble, two sliders, and the rails and channels, polished sheet metal retainers, all new laminated frame members, all stainless screws, nuts, painted rails (silver) and baggage doors. $14,600. If the rails and channels are to be polished, add $3,200.

Second option: A complete set of front bubble, two sliders, rails & channels, painted silver or your choice of color, painted sheet metal retainers, silver or your choice of color, all new laminated frame members, painted silver or your choice of color,all stainless hardware, and baggage doors, not painted, but primed (not shown). $12,400.

Third option: A kit that includes all the frame members and sheet metal fitted and drilled for assembly, not primed, not coated with epoxy,plexi pieces ready to install, allrelease cables, associated brackets, tubing, latch assemblies, rails and channels,hardware, baggage door pieces, ready to rivet together, everything to assemble a completecockpit enclosure, including drawings.$8,900.



Winter Front  Winter Front

Winter Front  Winter Front

Winter Front  Winter Front

Winter Front


Winter Front

One of 6 that will come with the unprimed winter front

Winter Front

All 6 that are primed and assembled, ready to install.

** NOTE - There are only 6 provided as there is no baffle at the bottom of the engine, as there is no room due to the oil drain column.


The above pictures are the winter front all assembled and primed, ready for paint, all the bare pieces are for the kit. Not shown are the rivets, nut plates, wing nuts, etc, that come with the kit, if someone wants to assemble their own.

Price for the assembly is $2,150. We will paint the entire unit and all parts that come with it whatever color needed, for an additional $200.

The kit is $985 and includes factory Boeing drawings for dimensions needed for the assembly.

Of course, if you have any questions, just email me, or give me a call.  


Call:  (209) 795-9378
or write: P.O. Box 224
Avery, CA  95224-0224

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