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The rings are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are about 6 times as strong as the wheel flange.  Since there were at least 5 manufacturers of the 10 S.C. wheel, a simple measurement across the wheel rim (outside diameter) will allow me to be sure that you receive rings with a good fit.  Or, for no extra charge, you may send me your entire wheel and I will install the rings and new tire for you.  Once installed, the ring/wheel/tire combination is hardly noticeable from the original.  I have been flying with the rings and 10X4 tire on my airplane for more than 5 years now, and with some tread on the tire, the ground handling seems to be a little better than the smooth contour.  For all you die-hard "it has to be original" individuals, I say put the miles on the cheap 10X4 and save your 10 S.C. for the fly-ins.  You don't get awards just flying around home base or going to the fly-ins!

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The two adapter halves shown are on the existing hub.  Machined from 6061 T6, the adapters allow the use of 10 / 4 ply tailwheel tire in place of the existing tire which is increasingly difficult to find.  The 10 / 4 tire is readily available from aircraft supply houses.

Tire, tube, adapter rings, S.T.C. all for only $450.00 plus any applicable tax. Shipping (free) in the continental United States via Priority Mail, includes tracking at their current rate. Email or call for shipping quotes outside the US.

California Residents - please add 8.25% to the cost for sales tax.



S.T.C. approved for:

  • Stearman

  • Waco UPF-7

  • Stinson Reliant Series

  • Beech Staggerwing

  • Cessna 195

  • Vultee BT-13, -15

  • Howard DGA

  • AT-6

  • More!


Make note of your wheel size (4.100", 4.250" or 4.375"), then

Call:  (209) 795-9378
or write: P.O. Box 224
Avery, CA  95224-0224

or order from our web page

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